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Hampton Roads is an international business community that boasts companies from 26 different countries.

Over 155 international businesses have operations in the region, many of which are North American headquarters. Several have been manufacturing name-brand products here for decades. The region offers low cost of doing business, ready access to numerous markets, abundant resources including land and labor, and attractive tax laws.


2016 Hampton Roads International Business Profile
Country Number of Companies Percent of Total
Austria 4 2%
Canada 11 6%
China 5 3%
Denmark 4 2%
France 12 7%
Germany 31 18%
Italy 9 5%
Japan 24 14%
Netherlands 10 6%
Sweden 10 6%
Switzerland 11 6%
United Kingdom 17 10%
Other* 27 15%

*Other countries represented include: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Norway, Spain, Turkey, UAE

Hampton Roads is the only place in Virginia where you can join InterNations – the world’s largest expatriate network – and meet fellow global minds.

InterNations is a German-based organization that established a local community in Hampton Roads in 2013. The social platform reaches out to expatriates who work for international companies and organizations, as well as their family members. The network also caters to the interests of local residents with strong ties to the international community.

The Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance is a strong supporter of InterNations and is actively involved in hosting monthly events for local expatriates, giving them a chance to meet other expats and like-minded people in an exclusive international environment.


To get more information about upcoming InterNations events in Hampton Roads, visit

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