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Newport News has a historical foundation based on the presence of water: shipbuilding, fishing, and naval and commercial transport networks. Over the past thirty years, that blue-collar and military bloodline has evolved into a diversified, resilient community defined by applied science, research, higher education, manufacturing and healthcare. Known for its work ethic and adaptable, welcoming business environment, Newport News routinely enjoys unemployment rates lower than the national average, and has produced economic growth through prosperous and difficult economic climates.

Economic Area  Population
Newport News 183,193
Virginia 8,410,175
United States 319,857,056

Economic Modeling Specialists International (EMSI), 2015

Percent of Population by Age Group
Age Range Percent of Population
Under 18 23.20%
18-34 29.50%
35-54 24.10%
55+ 23.30%
Median Age 33
Male 48%
Female 52%

Esri Business Analyst Online 2015 Detailed Age Profile

Median Household Income
Year Amount
2015 $ 46,395
2020 Forecast $ 51,961

Esri Business Analyst Online, 2015 Forecast

Educational Attainment Ages 25+
Newport News Percent
At Least a High School Diploma 90.20%
At Least Some College 62.30%
Bachelor's Degree or Higher 25.20%
United States  
At Least a High School Diploma 87.80%
At Least Some College 61.10%
Bachelor's Degree or Higher 30.50%

Esri Business Analyst Online 2015 Market Profile

Labor Force
Civilian Labor Force 88,737
Employed 84,668
Unemployed 4,069
Unemployment Rate 4.6%

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, April 2016

Largest Employment by Industry Sector
Industry Number of Employees Percent of Workforce
Government 16,395 19.00%
Healthcare and Social Assistance 11,635 23.57%
Retail Trade 9,940 11.59%
Accommodation and Food Services 6,830 7.97%
Administrative Support 5,787 6.75%
Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services 4,359 5.08%

Virginia Employment Commission, 2015

Largest Private Employers
Huntington Ingalls Industries/ Newport News Shipbuilding
Riverside Health Systems
Ferguson Enterprises
Christopher Newport University
Canon Virginia, Inc.
Contact Information
Ms. Florence G. Kingston, Director
City of Newport News Department of Development
2400 Washington Ave., 3rd Floor
Newport News, VA 23607
(P) 757-926-8428
(F) 757-926-3504
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