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Discover the region's exceptionally skilled workforce.

Whether you’re looking for skilled laborers or senior-level executives, we have what you need in Hampton Roads. The annual infusion of military personnel transitioning into our civilian labor pool makes our region a unique place to find qualified talent. When you further consider our exceptional colleges, universities, trade and medical schools, Hampton Roads is the clear choice for today’s workforce needs.

Explore - Labor Force ANALYTICS 


The dashboard below provides an interactive user experience developed to highlight and analyze regional occupations within Hampton Roads, Virginia. Uncover the region's fastest growing and highest paid occupational mix by applying filters related to hourly earnings and historical/forecasted growth.



More technically, a user can engage the platform to build a custom prototypical business operation. As an example, a typical office operation might employ: Human Resource Managers, Accountants, Customer Service Representatives, and Computer Support Specialists.


To build this custom dashboard, single click the upper “Occupation Title” drop down menu and uncheck “All”. This will provide a black canvas from which a user can begin. Once the occupations have been cleared, type a specific keyword or occupation title, i.e. “Computer” or “Computer Support Specialist.” Check mark the box beside the occupation of interest. Continue in this fashion until all of the desired occupations have been identified. Single click the drop-down arrow to display to dashboard. 


Source: Economic Modeling Specialists International (EMSI) 2020.1 Class of Worker


Age of Workforce in Hampton Roads
Age Range* Percent of Population
Under 18  22.8%


35-54 24.2%
55+ 24.5%
Median Age** 24.35%
Male 49.1%
Female 50.8%

*Esri Business Analyst Online, 2019 Detailed Age Profile
**Esri Business Analyst Online, 2019 Forecast

Educational Attainment of Workforce ages 25-64
Hampton Roads Percent
At Least a High School Diploma


At Least Some College 64.6%
Associate's Degree Only 9.4%
Bachelor's Degree or Higher 41.5%
United States  
At Least a High School Diploma 86.6%
At Least Some College 59.1%
Associate's Degree Only 8%
Bachelor's Degree or Higher 41%

Esri Business Analyst Online, 2018 Market Profile

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