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The Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance is comprised of 11 localities. Together, we form a region engineered for the future of global business. Our region offers technical innovation, friendly business climate, skilled workforce, strong military presence and well-rounded educational opportunities.

Hampton Roads is not only a premier business location, but also a great place to live. Each of our 11 communities offers a unique experience for all.

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Hampton Roads is strategically located in the mid-Atlantic, which provides the region a significant logistical advantage. Its convenient and accessible transportation infrastructure allows multiple methods for moving goods between national and international markets. In fact, 40 percent of all United States consumers are within one day’s drive of the region.

As well as its superior infrastructure, Hampton Roads is host to The Port of Virginia, the fastest growing port on the East Coast, which boasts one of the largest natural deep-water harbors on Earth. All major shipping lines call on the Port of Virginia enabling direct access to over 80 ports and 200 countries worldwide.

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Two Class-1 railroads, Norfolk Southern and CSX, provide service to Hampton Roads via an extensive infrastructure network. With double-stacked container capabilities, both railways facilitate distribution throughout the major East Coast and Mid-West markets.

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As an Employment at Will* and Right to Work** state, Virginia's labor laws appeal to both employers and employees. With only one local taxing authority in each community, Hampton Roads has some of the lowest combined state and local tax rates in the nation.

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Since 1607, Hampton Roads has been a major commercial and trading center, attracting and cultivating a variety of businesses and industries. Today, HREDA focuses on marketing several key industry clusters.

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Live, Work and Play
Hampton Roads enjoys a mild, temperate climate which provides an array of recreational opportunities to our residents. Moderate regional temperatures bolster tourism and allow commercial waterways to remain ice-free year-round.

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*Employment at Will: An employment relationship in which either party can terminate the relationship at any time without any explanation, with or without advanced warning.

**Right to Work: Prohibits agreements between labor unions and employees that govern the extent to which an established union can require employees’ membership, payment of union dues or fees as a condition of employment.

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