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Chesapeake adds dozens of companies to the list of places they call home each year. Their successes are bringing national attention to the City, and Chesapeake is quickly becoming a household name. Chesapeake is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live and one of the best run cities in America. In addition to a highly educated workforce comprising Chesapeake’s five unique business districts, Chesapeake is also the transportation hub of the region which presents diverse opportunities for all industries of business. With a growing entrepreneurial base and an excellent quality of life, it is easy to see why Chesapeake is a great place to do business.

Economic Area Population
Chesapeake 245,042
Virginia 8,576,326
United States 329,399,326

Economic Modeling Specialists International (EMSI), 2019 Forecast

Percent of Population by Age Group
Age Range Percent of Population
Under 18 23.60%
18-34 22.80%
35-54 27.70%
55+ 25.90%
Median Age 37.8
Male 48.8%
Female 51.2%

Esri Business Analyst Online 2016 Detailed Age Profile

Median Household Income
Year Amount
2016 $ 71,512
2021 Forecast $ 78,564

Esri Business Analyst Online, 2016 forecast

Educational Attainment Ages 25+
Chesapeake Percent
At Least a High School Diploma 91.30%
At Least Some College 66.10%
Bachelor's Degree or Higher 30.60%
United States  
At Least a High School Diploma 87.18%
At Least Some College 59.60%
Bachelor's Degree or Higher 30.45%

Esri Business Analyst Online 2016 Market Profile

Labor Force
Civilian Labor Force 114,850
Employed 110,430
Unemployed 4,420
Unemployment Rate 3.9%

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, November 2017

Largest Employment by Industry Sector
Industry Number of Employees Percent of Workforce
Retail Trade 15,846 16.24%
Government 15,473 14.93%
Accomodation and Food Services 9,985 8.30%
Construction 8,367 8.57%
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Service 8,097 8.30%
Administrative and Support and Waste Management  7,428 7.61%

Virginia Employment Commission, Q3 2016

Largest Private Employers
Chesapeake Regional Healthcare
Sentara Healthcare
QVC Cheapeake
Cox Communications
Capital One
Contact Information
Mr. Steven Wright, Director
City of Chesapeake Economic Development Department
676 Independence Parkway, Suite 200
Chesapeake, Virginia 23320
(P) 757-382-8040
(F) 757-382-8050
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