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HREDA is proud to have the support of many businesses, localities, and newly established companies. These resources understand the importance of a regional approach to economic development. With help from our investors, HREDA is able to extend its network through the local business community, the State of Virginia, and throughout the world.

Below, we highlight stories of both investors and local companies and ask them why they value Hampton Roads and their relationship with the Alliance.

Kevin Hughes
Kevin Hughes
Suffolk Economic Development
Through his experience both as a public sector partner and former employee, Kevin Hughes, Director of Suffolk Economic Development, definitely sees the benefit in a regional organization.
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Buddy League
Buddy League
Branscome, Inc.
With facilities throughout the region, Buddy League of Branscome, Inc. truly knows what it’s like to be a part of a regional organization.
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Charity Volman
​Charity Volman
SunTrust Bank
For Volman, being an Alliance investor allows her to stay current on business across the region and form key partnerships that enhance her regional presence.
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Jo Janka
​Jo Janka
Liebherr Mining Newport News Co.
Janka understands the Alliance is the voice for the Hampton Roads business community. As an investor he's glad to have a seat at the table.
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To see a complete directory of Investors and learn more about how your company can become a part of HREDA, please visit our Investors page.
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