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Charity Volman

President/South Hampton Roads Commercial Division Team Leader
SunTrust Bank
Charity Volman

SunTrust Bank is an Alliance investor and an active member of the Alliance Executive Committee. The investment Volman has made allows her company the opportunity to interact with local business leaders and gain pre-announcement access to new companies expanding into the region.

“I appreciate the opportunities the Alliance provides its investors,” said Volman. “I am able to see the types of businesses our region attracts and form relationships with business owners who are new to the community.”

An investor since 2007, Volman believes that it is important for Hampton Roads to have an organization that markets the entire region on both a national and international scale.

“I like how the Alliance is neutral and presents the region as a whole,” said Volman, who also serves as a trustee for the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce. “What’s most important is that we compete against other regions for new business. The Alliance is how all of our cities come together.”

As an investor, Volman and members of her SunTrust team meet regularly with corporate decision makers who work to broaden the region’s global outreach. They participate in select prospect visits, are included in the Alliance’s distributed investor directory, and learn about confidential activities related to the Alliance’s marketing campaign.

With a great quality of life, an educated workforce and business-friendly tax climate, Volman believes Hampton Roads is ideal for a growing company.

“Our region has so much to offer business owners in a variety of industries,” said Volman. “And the Alliance is a critical player in fostering new relationships and building our economy. SunTrust Bank is proud to be an investor.”

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