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Buddy League

Branscome, Inc.
Buddy League

With facilities all over the region, Branscome, Inc. truly knows what it’s like to be a regional organization. Hampton Roads-based Branscome, which offers their clients a full range of heavy construction and paving services, has been serving Virginia since 1956. Starting out primarily on the Peninsula, they expanded to the Southside in the 1980s.

Not only does Branscome have facilities region-wide, but they also complete projects throughout Hampton Roads. Branscome President Buddy League, who serves on the Alliance Board of Directors, says, “We work all over the region, so to us it doesn’t matter if a project is in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Hampton or Newport News. It’s a project that Branscome is interested in.”

 “We recognize just like Alliance recognizes that there needs to be a regional approach to economic development,” League explains. “We know for us to be successful, the region needs to be able to prosper.”

There are many reasons Branscome chose to invest in the Alliance. League says, “Other businesses within our region can certainly benefit from the efforts that the Alliance is taking on – from the relationships you build being involved in the organization to the overall prosperity of the region, all of which is going to help their businesses.”

“We work here,” League says, “Our people live here. The success of Hampton Roads and the regional economic development of Hampton Roads is really vital to the success of Branscome and our 500 employees.”

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