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Meet the Team: Q&A with Shannon Kendrick

Shannon Kendrick hired as Senior Vice President for Marketing, Communications & Operations

The Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance is excited to introduce Shannon Kendrick, our new Senior Vice President for Marketing, Communications & Operations. Shannon has a long history in Hampton Roads and strong knowledge of the region’s business and political arenas. 

Prior to the Alliance, Shannon served as District Director for Congressman Scott Rigell in Virginia’s 2nd congressional district. As district chief of staff, she managed outreach, engagement, event planning, advocacy and education. Read her full bio here



Why are you excited to be part of the team at the Alliance?

The mission of the Alliance is what excites me. I feel honored to support President & CEO Rick Weddle’s vision for the organization. He has a solid track record of success in every organization he has ever led. He knows what it will take to make our organization effective and our region ripe for new industries that will bring more high-wage jobs.

Why do you love Hampton Roads?

This place is BEAUTIFUL! Hampton Roads has a little of everything that makes my soul sing! I love living by the water and experiencing all four seasons. There are plenty of places for me to explore with so much culture, arts and food to enjoy. The historical significance of the area is also meaningful to me. I love history! I grew up in England, so it is nice to see cities like Portsmouth and Norfolk embody the aesthetic characteristics from the early days of the first settlers.  


How has Hampton Roads helped shape your career?

My career path since being in Hampton Roads has been centered in government. Therefore, I believe I can safely say that our region is blessed to have the leaders we have in office.  Regardless of party affiliation, they are always careful to put Virginians first. They all have the heart to make decisions to best benefit the future strength of our state. I look forward to working with them as we build a strong economy; one that will withstand sequestration, should it visit us again. Finally, I love the festivals and the people. I have made some of the most incredible friendships while living here. 

Why do you think people in Virginia and beyond should take notice of what's happening in Hampton Roads?

I believe that our region is the nation’s best-kept jewel. Our land is plentiful and beautiful. We have so many resources and an incredible workforce to complement our growth potential. The intellectual capital here is matchless. We have everything from the Hampton Proton Therapy Institute, where cancer is cured in a less evasive manner, to Jefferson Lab, where ions are split. Our Aerospace industry soars between NASA and the National Institute of Aerospace. The Jones Insitute is a leader in fertility medicine. The list goes on.  

What are the most impressive characteristics of the region?

The defense sector is stronger in Hampton Roads than most places in the country. I love living among men and women who bravely serve. The most fascinating fact of all is that we possess the nation’s only natural deep-water port. “Hampton Roads” is the name of our body of water that is one of the world's largest natural harbors. Because of our port, we are the “open road” to the world for trade and commerce – exciting!   

What do you envision for Hampton Roads in the coming years?

Everyone in the world should take note that Hampton Roads is on the rise. We were the first to establish and cultivate our great nation. The explorative spirit that shaped America’s First Region has once again reawakened. I sense an exciting energy in the business community to position our region for a bright and secure future. 

We want to look into our capabilities to discover ways to reach our full economic potential. There is a strong desire to move from studies to effective plans and collaboration, in order to  execute strategy. The leaders of our communities are ready to move forward towards all that we can become as a region.

Today is the time to become a part of Hampton Roads. Now is the time to be the change we want to see for our region – and we will indeed see it.

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