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Meet the Team: Adelaide Gilmore

The Alliance is pleased to introduce Adelaide Gilmore, our Administrative Assistant. Adelaide joined the Alliance team in 2014. At the time she was new to economic development but has since grown to appreciate the mission of the Alliance and the hard work it puts towards growing our region's economy. Adelaide's warm personality and always-willing attitude makes her an intregal part of the Alliance team. She works closely with each of the Alliance's four departments and also serves as a welcoming face to all guests, visitors and callers. 

Adelaide is an ordained minister, holds a Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling from Norfolk Theological Seminary and College, and has served as Pastor for Westover House Church Ministries. Additionally, she is an active volunteer for the FoodBank of Southeastern Virginia and works closely with the Rehabilitation Services Inc. Residential Reentry programs. 

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Why are you excited to be part of the team at The Alliance?
My excitement grows each day as I continue to work with the wonderful team here at the Alliance. They are a family of great teachers.  Before I started working for the Alliance, my knowledge of this area was very slim and I was comfortable with the little that I knew.  My excitement grows daily as I understand the process and the stages of getting a company to invest in the Hampton Roads area.

This process doesn’t just start at the head, it comes from all angles and each member of the team(s) has a great part to play until it is officially announced by the Mayor or Governor of our fair state.  I have learned that I can’t sit back and wait for others to do my part, I have to roll up my sleeves and jump in to help because when one city wins we all win.

What do you love about hampton roads?
What I really love about Hampton Roads is the day to day business attitude that presents itself along many avenues for which, we as residents can expect. For one to say that they are bored in the Hampton Roads area, is to say I haven’t read a paper, listen to the television, or researched the weekly/monthly calendars in each city.  I love it because; you will never have a shortage of family things to do.  If it’s not happening in your city, branch on out into a neighboring city, something is happening.

What are some of your favorite Restaurants, hobbies or activities for when you're not at work? 
I am more of a cook at home person, however I do favor two very nice restaurants; Ruby Tuesday and Outback Steak House. I always meet the friendliest workers and have some of my favorite meals. I love arts and crafts, making anything by hand, jewelry, designer clothes hanger, etc. I welcome all chances to go to a great art and craft event. However, my most favorite pasttime is watching a good movie or settling down to read a great book.  There’s nothing better than that.

Hampton Roads is becoming a State-Of-The-Art area in technology and in culture. The willingness of the leaders of Hampton Roads to move its cities from yesteryear into the present year and beyond; speaks of the character and value of its residents. Our area is growing by leaps and bounds! Not only are we becoming one of the world’s largest tourist regions, but we are known for our friendly and generous nature, and I think we can convert many of the tourists into becoming Virginia residents.

How has being a part of the Alliance Team helped shape your life outside of workplace?
The Alliance team doesn’t lack any knowledge on how great our region is and the many changes that will soon arrive, thus I have been well informed of the potential that this great area has to propose. As I spend my days in the different cities each day, I feel proud of the many changes that will be coming. After being a part of the Alliance team, I see more clearly what what it means for a region to prosper and I willingly want to share the region's upcoming successes and advancements. 

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