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Meet the Team: Amy Parkhurst

The Alliance is pleased to introduce Amy Parkhurst, our Senior Vice President of Business Development. Amy joined the Alliance almost 20 years ago in 1998, when she moved from New York City. She works diligently to promote Hampton Roads as the perfect destination for capital investment and business expansion.

Amy’s extensive background and experience in marketing and economic development makes her an invaluable part of the Alliance team. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from the University of California at Berkeley and her MBA in Marketing and Management from Columbia University’s School of Business. Amy is also a graduate of the University of Oklahoma’s Economic Development Institute and has earned the professional designation of Certified Economic Developer. Additionally, she has made herself vital to the organization as she has upwards of 20 years of economic development experience in Hampton Roads alone.

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How has Hampton Roads helped shape your career?
I have worked at the Alliance since 1998 and have taken on increasing responsibilities over the years. Because I interact with a variety of industries and businesses, I am always learning which keeps the job interesting.  The organization has gone through many changes since Rick Weddle joined us.  He shares his knowledge and expertise and I am excited to have the chance to learn from him. 

Why do you love Hampton Roads? 
I came to Hampton Roads, by choice, from New York City.  My husband and I were seeking a lifestyle change and found everything we needed in Hampton Roads.  I love that the region is diverse and offers many lifestyle and entertainment options all without the big city hassles.  On a good day, my commute from Virginia Beach to downtown Norfolk is 20 minutes.  On a bad day, it is 30 minutes.  Compare this to a typical commuter in the New York Metro area who spends 3 hours a day getting to and from work.  

Why are you excited to be part of the team at the Alliance? 
I enjoy working with the Alliance because it gives me the opportunity to promote an area I truly love while gaining the satisfaction of contributing to the community by creating jobs for our citizens.

How familiar are you with the Hampton Roads area?
After nearly 20 years with the Alliance, I am very familiar with Hampton Roads.  I am always amazed at the region’s variety of lifestyle choices.  You can live in a small town, on a farm, in a suburban community or an urban center – all within a reasonable drive from our major business centers.  This diversity translates to the business assets as well.   Businesses are located throughout Hampton Roads, not just in one major commerce center.  Companies that are considering a business location in Hampton Roads often ask where people live and work.  My response --- everywhere.

What are some of your favorite hobbies? 
I enjoy relaxing at the beach, swimming, reading and walking my dogs.  Since I travel so much, time at home with the family is really appreciated.

What do you envision for Hampton Roads in the coming years?
While I have certainly seen improvement over the years, we still have work to do. I hope that the communities will continue to work together so that we can become a truly interdependent region.

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