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Alliance at Work: March & April 2019


In March and April 2019, the Alliance hosted five prospect visits in Hampton Roads. Three of these companies visited Hampton Roads for the first time. Combined, these prospects could represent a potential 500 new jobs for the region. 


Shared Services WeekDuring the week of March 11th, Amy Parkhurst attended the Shared Services and Outsourcing Week conference in Orlando with the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP). This annual event brings together shared-services professionals for the purpose of sharing knowledge about best practices and the latest industry trends. Five appointments were arranged with corporate representatives either attending or exhibiting at the show and one project was uncovered. 

Laura Hayes attended the 2019 Site Selectors Guild Annual Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. The conference creates a unique environment that promotes learning, networking, and relationship building for site selection consultants and economic developers. In the world of site selection, consultants and economic development professionals rely on one another to aid clients with complex location decisions. The conference is structured to encourage both networking and knowledge exchange between 40 site selection consultants and economic development professionals. 

In addition to the marketing activities, the Alliance and eight of its member localities hosted a breakfast meeting at VEDP in Richmond. At this meeting, the Alliance gave the VEDP team an overview of the latest strategies and tactics the Alliance will utilize to attract new business in 2019. We also highlighted the unique features and targeted industries that make Hampton Roads an attractive place to expand as opposed to other regions of the country. The localities then gave individual updates of the latest happenings in their respective communities. In attendance were economic development representatives from the following localities: Ben White from Chesapeake, Steven Lynch from Hampton, Chris Morello from Isle of Wight, Florence Kingston from Newport News, Alan Boring from Norfolk, Brian Donahue from Portsmouth, Greg Byrd from Suffolk and Steve Harrison from Virginia Beach.


Hanover MesseDuring the first week of April, Amy Parkhurst traveled to Germany to attend the Hannover Messe, the world's largest industrial trade show. The Alliance's European consultant, PM&P, arranged 14 meetings with companies representing a variety of industries. One active project was identified and several companies expressed an interest in establishing a U.S. office in the next couple of years. 

Alliance in Seattle WA

During the week of April 8th, Laura Hayes, traveled with Casey Gilchrist of the City of Chesapeake and Sam Workman of the City of Newport News to Seattle, WA for a marketing mission. A total of six meetings were held with companies interested in establishing an operation on the East Coast. The meetings were held with companies in both the IT and manufacturing sectors.

During the week of April 29th, Amy Parkhurst visited New Jersey with Terry Smith from the City of Suffolk and Terri McCann from the City of Hampton to hold face-to-face meetings with five companies considering expansions or relocations. Three of these companies were manufacturers while two were in the logistics industry. All three of the manufacturers were dissatisfied with the operating environment in New Jersey and are considering a relocation within the next three years. An additional opportunity was uncovered with a company seeking a location for a vertical farm to grow salad greens. Due to scheduling conflicts, a conference call was held with this company in lieu of a face-to-face meeting.

IMG_0479In addition to the marketing missions, the Alliance participated in two economic development conferences. Chris Lemmon attended Area Development’s Consultants Forum Workshop in Richmond, Virginia as an event sponsor. The interactive forum allowed attendees the opportunity to choose and participate in consultant-lead breakout sessions from more than 20 site consultants, each drilling down into specific site selection trends and topics. Additional programming included panels, multiple roundtable discussions, and networking receptions.

In late April, Laura Hayes attended the NextGen Conference in Brooklyn, NY. NextGen is a conference for economic development professionals to network and learn from site selection consultants. The consultants provide educational presentations, breakout working groups are arranged and there are networking opportunities. 

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